Columbus Women's Health Organization, Columbus Georgia Private Medical Office

Columbus Women's Health Organization, P.C. (CWHO) is a private medical office that specializes in reproductive health care including emotionally supportive abortion care. 

Great News! Low Income women can now receive funding for abortion and reproductive health care. Give us a call and ask one of our phone counselors for more information.

NO pre-operative visit is required here as Georgia law allows the 24 hour consent process to be done on the phone.
Alabama clinics are required to have their patients come TWICE to obtain an abortion. 



>> About Us
Our physicians performing abortions are licensed medical doctors with specialized expertise in abortion medicine. They are assisted by licensed nurses, laboratory technicians, and trained counselors. We comply with State regulations and local medical standards.
>> Our Services
We offer family planning services to help meet the unique health care needs of women. These services include: pregnancy testing, contraception counseling and distribution, and abortion services.
>> Abortion and GYN Fee Schedule
Cash and major credit cards are accepted for our services.
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We maintain a friendly atmosphere with patient care monitored at a high professional level.

Columbus Women's Health Organization, Columbus Georgia Private Medical Office

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Columbus Women's Health Organization
3850 Rosemont Drive, Columbus, GA 31904

Local Phone: 706-323-8363 
Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM until 4 PM EST, 
Saturdays 7 AM to 12 PM EST.

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